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Welcome to the Tourism and hotel management Program, locate within the main campus of University of Chitral Seenlusht. As over one billion people around the world travel each year. Tourism is now one of the leading industries in the world and professional opportunities abound in this business sector.  The program prepares students for management positions in multiple segments of the world’s largest service industry. Upon completion, graduates enjoy various professional roles in a variety of industries including: resorts, hotels, restaurants, private clubs, meeting and event planning corporations, destination marketing organizations, convention centers, conference centers, cruise lines, casinos, theme parks, auto rental agencies, sports facilities and arenas, spas, entertainment venues and theaters, and vacation ownership or fractional ownership operations.
Potential career areas include operations management, sales and marketing, public relations, revenue management, food and beverage, housekeeping, human resource management, tourism planning and development, hospitality consulting, hospitality law, and many others. Students who choose to major or minor in Hospitality & Tourism Management receive a broad management-based education following the core business curriculum. This base provides a platform of knowledge with the overall focus on improving one's ability to successfully and profitably manage a hospitality or tourism organization.
Some universities concentrate on academic ratings and numbers. At department of Tourism and hotel Management, university of chitral, we concentrate on student experience. That means letting go of titles and structure and embracing an academic community that provide opportunity beyond your direct specialization.

  • To be a leader in development of professional in the field of tourism and hotel management.
  • To train and educate at all levels, persons of outstanding abilities who can become future leaders for the hospitality industry.
  • To work closely and proactively with the industry to address the needs of the highly skilled manpower.

Department of Tourism and hotel management studies is dedicated to impart quality higher education and training in the field of hospitality and tourism management, to prepare globally competitive managers and professional for hospitality industry as well as tourism entrepreneurs.  
See what Department of tourism and hotel management has to offer below:
BS and Master program
Department of Tourism and hotel management offers an undergraduate program in tourism and hotel management. Upon graduation you will be well prepared to begin a career track in the world of hospitality and tourism management.
Industry engagement
You will experience learning and placement opportunities with top hotel, resorts, restaurant, and other hospitality and tourism organizations.
Internship and career building opportunities
By the time you graduate from Tourism and hotel management department, you will have enough experience to hit the ground running on a hospitality management as well as tourism management career track. Preparation through work place internships in your major give you a chance to put into practice what you are learning in the class room. You will stand out in the job market with learning experiences all over Pakistan.
Academic services
At the department of Tourism and hotel management, students are provided with all of the tools and support necessary for a successful academic experience at University of Chitral. We offer a variety of academic services including;
  • Assisting our students in the steps and milestones required to achieve degree completion
  • We have experience research supervisors for assistance related to research programs

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