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  • 4 years

Overview of BA (Hons) (Tourism & Hotel Management) Program

The Tourism and Hospitality BS (4-year) program will be covered in eight semesters (16-18 weeks). Each student will be required to earn 127-136 credit hours to complete this Degree course. The Degree will be titled as “Bachelor in Tourism & Hospitality”


A student holding HSSC (F.A or F.Sc) or equivalent with minimum 50% marks from any recognized institute of Pakistan. Tourism and Hospitality has limited seats, admissions to which will be on Merit (Marks obtained in previous examination), entry test and interview. The candidates interested in the admission should not exceed 22 years of age.

Courses / Course Structure:

Total number of courses taught will be 43 with 2 to 3 credit hrs for each course and 12 to 18 credit hrs in each semester. Four categories of courses will be offered to the students according to HEC standardized format/Scheme of studies. These are:

  • Compulsory Courses   (08 courses / 22 Cr Hrs)
  • General Courses   (08 Courses / 27 Cr hrs)
  • Foundation Courses   (09 Courses / 27 Cr Hrs) )
  • Major Courses   (18 Courses / 54 Cr Hrs) )
  • (Including Research Project & Internship) )


43 Courses/130 Cr Hrs

Click here to download the Syllabus.

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